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Drag Gospel & Story Hour
Sunday October 22

Drag Gospel 2023 is a celebration of all things authentically joyful and queer! 


In a world where Drag Performers have been scapegoated and undermined - there has never been a more important time for our Sanctuary to be filled with powerful preachers, teachers and musicians being their authentic and fabulous selves. 


Ms. Penny Cost will be preaching, the First Church Somerville Choir will be in full force, and after worship will welcome Butch for a Drag Story Hour you won’t want to miss. 


Looking for more information? See the FAQ below! 


What should I wear? Should I dress in drag? 


If dressing in drag makes you feel like you are expressing an authentic part of yourself- great! You’ll look fabulous and you won’t be the only one! If not, feel free to dress in a way that makes you feel like a (super fun) version of you. Or, just wear anything. Clothes would be good. 


What if I’ve never been to church/don’t believe what you believe/I'm not religious/have religious trauma? 


You are in good company with us. Our regularly attending congregation has people who fit into all of those categories! Drag Gospel is a perfect Sunday to come and enjoy the music, the preaching, and the acceptance without fear or long term commitment. But, really, you can also find that here any other Sunday of the year, too. 


What time will the story hour begin, and do I have to come to worship first? Is the story hour religious? 


While we’d love to have you in worship, the story hour begins at noon, you do not need to come to worship first, and the program is not religious. You can enter through the yellow front doors on College Ave (or the wheelchair accessible entrance on Francesca Ave) and find us in the front of the Sanctuary. 


Is this a fundraiser? 


Drag Gospel is first and foremost an opportunity to celebrate the divine in all its most fabulous forms, AND we also get to raise some money for LGBTQ youth experiencing homelessness through a free will offering for “Youth on Fire.” Look them up, they are awesome. 


Will there be food? 


In between worship and story time we will have refreshments for all! 


Didn’t y’all just have a fire? 


Being a bold witness for God’s truth is not always easy. We know that Drag Queens (and queers of all kinds) are made in the image of God and we will not stop proclaiming that truth. We have safety plans and protocols in place to help ensure safety for all our participants and we pray for a peaceful and joy-filled service. 


Can I advertise for this event on my social media or at my local business? 


YES! Please email us at and we will get you more information. 

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