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pastoral resident
michael streib

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Michael Streib (he/him/his) is a recent graduate from Yale Divinity School (YDS) and Andover Newton Seminary at Yale. Michael is originally from Germany and grew up as part of the Regional Church of Baden in the Protestant Church of Germany - a partner church of the UCC. After spending a year abroad in Tanzania, he studied four years of theology at Heidelberg University before coming as an exchange student to the US and joining the Master of Divinity Program at Yale.

In the course of his studies at YDS, Michael not only focused on the intersection of religion and race, queerness, disability and other social categories in his academic work but also served as a Marquand Chapel minister for two years creating and leading an inclusive worship space for a diverse community of students, staff and teachers. During this time Michael Streib also joined the UCC and is currently preparing to be ordained through the New Haven association.

In his ministry and life, Michael continuously tries to embody God's love and justice and to accompany others on this path towards God’s beloved community for all. As the part of this mission, Michael co-founded and co-led a queer worship space in Heidelberg university context and led a Queer Bible study and other queer-centered programming at First and Summerfield UMC and other spaces in the US.

In his free time, Michael loves to spend time with his friends and family, create music and sing, travel to new places, and explore cute coffee shops as well as the outdoors.

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