First Church Somerville UCC
First Church Somerville UCC


Worship? What's the Point?

Maybe as a kid, you were dragged off to church services that you didn’t connect with. Or maybe you’ve never been to church at all. You might be wondering: “Worship—what’s the point?” 

Worship at First Church Somerville is an opportunity to come home—emotionally, spiritually, and socially. In our congregation, we all lead busy lives, but Sunday morning is time we dedicate to ourselves, to God, and to one another. It is a chance to find belonging and a peace that the world cannot give.

Whenever we gather to worship God, we understand that both the people with speaking roles and those with listening roles are the performers, and God is the only audience. We love worship that is smart, reverent, relevant, and stirs all the senses. We also love worship in which we can both laugh our heads off and cry our eyes out, knowing that tears are a sign that the Holy Spirit is with us.

Lay (non-ordained) folk at First Church play an essential and significant role in every service of worship: offering prayers, preaching occasionally, and sharing their own faith stories every week. Our children are with us once a month for All Ages Worship; on other Sundays, they may choose to stay with their parents or go to church school with our creative, kind professional teachers.

Our wider church, the United Church of Christ, affirms that each generation has the blessing and responsibility to “make the faith its own.” At First Church Somerville, we do this with worship that really speaks to our modern, everyday lives, while tapping into time-tested, deep, and ancient practices. Learn more about what Sunday sabbath worship is like here.


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Holy Days, Holidays

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