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First Church Somerville UCC
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Over 100 Years and Counting

“The membership of the Day Street Church is composed of kindly, genial folk, who are religious in a quiet, cheerful way, and evermore benevolent, and in all ways charitable. No one need ever feel the world is cold or life is dreary who enters this comfortable Christian atmosphere.”

—from Somerville, Past and Present: An Illustrated Historical Souvenir (1897)

Some things never change!

First Church Somerville has been a melting pot of faith and a haven of spiritual warmth since its beginnings in the mid 1800s. Our historic building has provided a new home for several churches in Somerville and Cambridge that faced closure, and represents a long history of outreach to the people of Davis Square and beyond.

The original First Congregational Church of Somerville (also known as the Franklin Street Church) was founded in 1853. Like many urban mainline Protestant churches, its fortunes rose and fell with the changing demographics and culture shifts of the twentieth century. In 1963, a reduced membership decided to merge with the West Somerville Congregational Church, bringing the rose window that still graces our sanctuary. West Somerville Congregational (also known as the Day Street Church) was organized in 1874; in 1912, it moved to our present location at the corner of College and Francesca Avenues. The building’s cornerstone was dedicated with the words: “May its doors be open to all points of the compass and its service extend to all peoples.” West Somerville Congregational became especially well known for its successful Sunday school programs and its missionary efforts. However, in the latter half of the twentieth century, it, too, faced a dwindling membership. By the early 2000s, the merged First Church had only about 50 members left, with few young people to carry the church forward.

150 years after Congregationalists ordained the first woman minister in the United States, First Church Somerville called Rev. Molly Phinney Baskette as our pastor. The church has been growing ever since—in spirit and in numbers, quintupling in attendance since Rev. Molly’s installation in 2003. In 2012, during the building’s centennial, the membership launched an ambitious capital campaign for renovations, to accommodate our recent growth and preserve the church for future generations.

We've experienced a lot of leadership transition as well.  As we grew, we got grant funding to hire Laura Ruth Jarret as a Minister of Outreach and Evangelism.  After she departed to purse solo ministry, we hired a full-time Associate Pastor in 2011 (Rev. Jeff Mansfield, who moved back to NYC in December of 2017).

In January 2016, Molly left for a Call in Berkeley, and we welcomed Rev. Henry Schoenfield as our Interim Lead Pastor.

On May 7, 2017, we unanimously voted to call Rev. Da Vita "Day" McCallister as our next settled Lead Pastor, and she started serving our congregation on July 17, 2017.  We are excited to explore together the new places God is calling us together.

While we are searching for a new associate pastor, we are blessed with the leadership and support of Support Pastor Chris Lyman Waldron and Assistant Support Minister Katie Omberg.