First Church Somerville UCC
First Church Somerville UCC
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We find common ground in building beloved community, what Christians have long called "the Body of Christ."

What We Believe

No tests of faith, just testimonies

Folks at First Church believe many different things about God and about the person of Jesus Christ. The pastors and others, for example, are self-identified Jesus freaks. We believe Jesus Christ was the son of God, that his resurrection was a real event, and that it mystically “put Death to death” so that we could experience an expansion of our own lives—not just length of life (life after death) but breadth of life (the biggest kind of life, the Kindom of Heaven, here and now).

While some of us were raised UCC, the majority of us were raised in other Christian traditions. We sift through our childhood faith to decide what is true for us now as critically thinking adults.

More and more of us are part of the ever-growing demographic known as the Nones: we were raised without any religion at all. As adults we are self-identified agnostics or even atheists who are nonetheless attracted to genuinely loving community, religious testimony that uncovers deep meaning in our stories, and engaging theological dialogue.

This all makes for an interesting mix! All of us, believing and doubting, bring our questions, our criticism, our willingness to ask hard questions, lean into faith and love and serve each other, which makes our lives better and better.

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