First Church Somerville UCC
First Church Somerville UCC
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Taking a Break from City Life

We are busy people in a go-go world. It can be hard to find daily time for God, and so retreats provide us a means to go deep and wide, with one another and with our own spirits. Retreats can slake our spiritual thirst, or make us hungry for more of the kind of life Jesus wanted us to have, both in and apart from the world!

All-Church Retreat

All-Church Retreat happens every year on Martin Luther King weekend in February at the beautiful Craigville Retreat Center on Cape Cod. Past retreat themes have included: The Sabbath, The Art of Blessing, The Enneagram, and Breaking Open. Newbies and veterans come, singles and families with kids come, it's a big tent! Some things we especially love to do on retreat: play board games, drink wine and cocoa, make art, walk a snow labyrinth, share Communion, and sing and play music by the fireplace.

Family Camp

Family Camp is a more structured retreat at our UCC summer camp, Silver Lake Conference Center, also in early August. It is open to any kind of family, however you define yourself! We have had biological families, same-gender-loving families, adoptive families, and singles all come be family together. Learn more about Silver Lake’s programs here.