First Church Somerville UCC
First Church Somerville UCC

Prom and Farewell Sunday!

Posted by molly on 22 January 2016

Dearly Beloved!

Here we are, at the end of our time together.

The last few weeks have been really beautiful: a time for good tears, a chance to say what we have meant to each other, and to indicate by our words and actions that we really know and really love one another. It’s the sweet payoff for our long years of practicing being Christian community together.

A long time ago, a friend of mine said, “Molly, if you really love your people, and your people really love you, there’s NOTHING you can’t accomplish together.” She’s gone to glory now, but a bit of that friend’s eternal life lives on in us, the moving manifestation of her advice to me. We have done it.

At Deacons’ meeting a couple weeks ago, the deacons were offering up affirmations to send me out fully fuelled for the journey. And one of the deacons, through her tears, said “Molly…it’s been…so much…FUN.” And I wept to hear the truth of that. It really has been SO much fun.

But not a shallow sort of fun. A deeply challenging, hard-working, meaningful fun, a fun that can relax and celebrate because we’ve done the hard spiritual (and often physical) Kingdom work.

That same deacon gave me a further gift of saying, “I want to thank you for helping me quiet the anxiety enough at times that I could hear the voice and experience the grace of God.”

This is what I hope for our last weekend together: that we will have so much FUN. And that we will be able to quiet any anxiety enough to hear the voice and experience the grace of our God.

Friday is our First Church PROM. Pizza, champagne and sparkling cider, ball gowns and tuxedo tee shirts. 

And come Sunday I’ll be preaching on what happened when Jesus went back to his hometown after he first went viral; also talking about Paul’s beautiful-if-rambling metaphor of the members of the church as the Body of Christ, and on how to move forward when it feels like an essential part of the body is about to be amputated.

But mostly, my sermon will be a love letter to you. A chance for you to experience just a fraction of what I’ve experienced over the past few weeks—and hopefully feel yourselves fuelled and strengthened for your own journey ahead.

John O is our able liturgist! Rev. Jeff will pray with us. Greg, Justine, Project Soul and our megachoir are cooking up awesome music (it’s not too late to sing with us! Make my joy complete and come to choir practice Sunday morning at 9am!). The Flying Hedgehogs will help me serve communion, and Rev. Wendy Vanderhart will be with us from the wider United Church of Christ to help us unmake our promises to each other, so that we can move unfettered into the future.

Bless you, Beloveds, and thank you for blessing me back,


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