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First Church Somerville UCC

Advent III: Joy

Posted by molly on 10 December 2015

Hi Beloved!

The third Sunday of Advent is rolling around this Sunday! Contrary to how secular culture would have us observe it, Advent is actually a pretty moody season (hence all the blue and purple, the hushed tones and harsh scripture readings about the Apocalypse). But then, in the midst of it, arrives the third Sunday in Advent—Gaudete Sunday—Joy Sunday—when we light the pink candle and let our joy flag fly.

Not that joy comes because we bid it to. Joy is spontaneous, right? It can be faked—but not easily.

Except that we often think of Joy as only big, unmuddled, carbonated feelings of happiness. But what if Joy is different than what we imagine? What if Joy has, embedded within its giant white fluffy angel wings, a tiny dagger? A dagger that cuts us, and makes us feel, deeply—a cut that doesn’t wound us mortally, but reminds us we’re alive, and human? What if Joy is:  the carbonation and the pain together, the whole enchilada, the entirety of what Life dishes out, felt fully and (somewhat) serenely?

This week’s scripture reading reminds us to rejoice in the Lord, always, again and again, rejoice. That’s what I plan on doing this Sunday with you, Beloved. Keith E. is our able liturgist. Jeff will pray with us, Greg and choir bring awesome seasonal music, and confirmand Liam M. will light the advent candle!

See you then.


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