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Standing Naked Before God

Posted by molly on 23 April 2015

Hi Beloved!

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Baptism Sunday and Earth Day

Posted by molly on 16 April 2015

Hi Beloved!
I'm just back from California, where the third year of drought is making people very anxious, to Boston, where the snowiest winter on record is still melting into spring. This week is Heat Week at Harvard--when climate activists are turning up the heat on the administration, pressuring them to divest from the fossil fuel industry which is wrecking the planet. And next week is Earth Day. 

This Sunday, in between, we will meet in our lovely sanctuary. We will bless and baptize Will, Tommy, Olive, Avery and Alexander. We will make promises to teach them, protect them, and raise them up to adulthood, in the way of Jesus. 

I wonder, does keeping those promises mean making some changes in how we use (and misuse) the earth that is our home--and that will be their home long after we are gone? How can we turn up the heat on ourselves, on our own earth stewardship and climate activism? 

I'll be preaching on these questions and more. Heather W. is our able liturgist! Rev. Jeff is on vacation for two weeks, and Megan S. will pray with us. 

In the middle of worship: you can jump on your bike and ride off into the sun with other climate activists! see sidebar below. After worship: Big Meeting Brunch! If you're not already on a committee, come and eavesdrop on what is happening at deeper levels of leadership and activism in our life together (this week, Fellowship, Mission & Justice and Music Team will meet). You're so welcome--really.


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Science & Spirituality & Communion

Posted by on 9 April 2015

Hi Beloved!
This Sunday is our traditional Science & Spirituality Sunday in conjunction with the Cambridge Science Festival. You're invited to wear anything that makes you look like a scientist - lab coats, particle accelerators, and tin foil hats. Even babies can get in on the act.

Our own John Olson - who made it into Molly's Easter sermon as "the atheist who doesn't believe much, BUT..." will be preaching on good old Doubting Thomas, what we believe, and the role of Mystery in spirituality and science.

Helping John bring the Word: Kathleen will be our liturgist, Josephine our accompanist, and 
Rev. Jeff will be reading and telling a bit of scripture.

It's also Communion Sunday, so feel free to bring canned and dry goods for the Somerville Homeless Coalition. 


All this week's announcments are HERE.

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Easter Sunday

Posted by molly on 2 April 2015

Hi Beloved!

I am not a person who likes rides. I hate the feeling when I’m way up there and my stomach is all the way down there. I have aging middle ears, and get dizzy easily. And it’s just plain scary. I don’t understand why people ride roller coasters for fun.

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