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Holy Week Services

Posted by molly on 31 March 2015

Here is a complete listing of our Holy Week services: each one a distinct, unique part of the holy roller coaster that is the emotional arc of this week in the life of Jesus. Please come join us for all of them--children welcome!

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Palm Sunday Worship

Posted by molly on 26 March 2015

Hi Beloved!

A young pastor friend of mine asked me the other day what Palm Sunday means to me. “I know all about the political level,” she said. “But what about the personal?”

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Holy Week at FCS

Posted by molly on 22 March 2015


Is something nudging you to deeper resonance with spring?

Is it not enough to eat Cadbury crème eggs and watch the crocuses bloom on your daily commute?

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Lent IV

Posted by molly on 12 March 2015

Hi Beloved!
Can I get an amen? For birds singing, and rivers of snowmelt running down College Ave, and the church garden slowly revealing the glory that is to come.
But here’s the rub: yesterday felt like shorts weather. Today the temp is hovering back around the freezing mark. How do we trust that it’s ok to come out, actually? When we’ve been imprisoned in snow and ice so long? We’ve been tricked before. How do we really KNOW?
This week’s scripture and sermon is a toughie. It’s a more ample reading of the scripture that usually appears on posterboard at football games: John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that She gave her only Child, so that everyone who believes in that one may not perish but may have eternal life…those who do believe in that one are not condemned, but those who do not believe are condemned already, because they have not believe in the name of the only Child of God.”
Uh, what? “condemned already” for not believing? That is SO not First Church. Right?
But what if we actually do have an important decision to make about Jesus and following him? What if making this decision actually made our lives a lot better? What if we could make this decision without feeling like we were trashing other religions or becoming a total weirdo, someone our families and friends didn't recognize? 
I’m going to tell a story—a couple of stories—about how to trust our God, that it’s time to unfurl from our tiny ball, from the little cave that has held us imprisoned, and follow the voice of Jesus. The stories may make this scripture not only palatable, but sensible, meaningful, TRUE for us.
Mike R. is our able liturgist. Melissa and choir are cooking something good up, and kids will sing also! Jeff and Megan will pray and scripture us real good.
Blessings and peace and rivers of snowmelt,

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Lent III and All Ages

Posted by jeff on 6 March 2015

Hi Beloved!
This week it's an All-Ages Sunday and the GREAT REVERENDO, Master of Magic, will DAZZLE and AMAZE you with Eggstraordinary Ellusions! 

You see, Beloved, The Great Reverendo understands that even though we're two weeks into Lent, sometimes it's really hard in our day-to-day lives to really BELIEVE it - I mean to SEE it with our own eyes. It doesn't feel like Lent to us sometimes. It just feels like--

or Winter.
or Deadline.
or Same Old, Same Old.

So this Sunday, expect to a learn a little magic to transform the end of New England's Winter Season in your own Lenten Season.

India will be our first-time, teen-aged liturgist, Molly will announce, Megan will pray, the Great Reverendo will preach, Diane and Aaron will play.

See you Sunday!
The Great Reverendo

P.S. For my final trick, I'll make one hour disappear...

... Don't Forget to Spring Forward this Sunday!

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