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Antiracism Sunday

Posted by molly on 26 February 2015

Hi Beloved!

Can you believe Sunday is already MARCH?! Oh yes you can? Get ready for mud season!

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Lent I: Themes from Blue Like Jazz

Posted by molly on 20 February 2015

Hi Beloved!
It’s day 2 of Lent. This is the hardest part for me! Getting on the hobby-horse of “giving up,” that meanie Temptation pushes me off at least 10 times. Does the no-sugar rule apply to honey in my morning tea? If I forget to match the next 10 emails I send with a prayer for the person I’m sending it to, can I pray 10 prayers in a row and catch up? Can I pray them tonight instead?
I’m already at the third stage of grief with my Lenten spiritual practice: bargaining.
Some people think giving things up for Lent is negative, archaic. I find it ancient, powerful, spiritually cathartic, myself. Whether I succeed brilliantly, have moderate success, or bomb out entirely (this is why I pick 3 or 4 practices—so I’m assured of doing at least one of them for 46 days).
Here’s a sermon I preached a few years back on “What Good is Lent?”
Maybe it’ll help you get back on the hobby horse if you’ve already fallen off, too.
Ash Wednesday last night was totally beautiful. David and Tara’s music, your honest praying, and a chance to run our hands through the “dirt and God” that lives on the communion table (if you missed it, check it out Sunday), a reminder of who we really are at our core.
This Sunday, Lent continues. I’ll be preaching, inaugurating our new sermon series on themes from Blue Like Jazz, the wonderful spiritual autobiography from Donald Miller. You can read the whole thing this Lent! Michael H. is our newbie liturgist—pray for him! Jeff and Megan will pray with us. Justine J. is back as our nimble accompanist for a third week!
And hey, can you believe I got through a whole pastoral letter without a single mention of snow?

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Snow Church! Bring it.

Posted by jeff on 14 February 2015

Hi Beloved!

This Sunday we close out the Season after Epiphany with one last question from the congregation. And this one was submitted multiple times!

"What is God's purpose for me?"

The short answer?

Shoveling. Lots and lots of shoveling.

This winter Rev. Jeff preached that snowflakes are miracles. And in her sermon two weeks ago Rev. Molly told us we ought to learn to love winter for its own sake like our neighbors to the North! We would both like to publicly confess our sin and humbly ask your forgiveness.

We never cancel worship at First Church!  ON THE CONDITION that you promise only to venture out in winter weather if it's truly safe for you. We're fortunate to have a strong local contingent of the Beloved Community within walking distance of the church and it's nice to have a reason to get out in a storm. So, whatever the weather delivers on Sunday morning, a few of us and at least one pastor will be here!

It's an All-Ages Sunday. Ruby D. was slated to be liturgist, and Molly to preach, but if the rumors are true and 60mph gusts arrive in the am, Rev. Jeff who lives 6 blocks from church will hold down the (snow) fort instead.

We're slowly incorporating new ideas and practices into All-Ages Sundays throughout 2015. Wiggly bottoms can feel free to squiggle away on the new cushions:
And we'll have a "WAY Station" set up downstairs in Duhamel Hall where you can take your kids to do good Church work - writing cards and drawing pictures for our people in the community who need some love mailed to them.

And, of course, join us this Wednesday for the beginning of Lent. We'll hold a service at 7:30 PM with the imposition of ashes.


Rev. Jeff

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Music Leader Search

Posted by molly on 8 February 2015

Would you love to work for our Beloved Community? 

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