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Retreat Weekend

Posted by molly on 29 January 2015

Hi Beloved!

It’s all happening! The 10th  (11th?) annual All Church Retreat starts tomorrow! Yippee! Hot chocolate, snow labyrinths, singing around the fireplace, wine, board games, informal worship together, meaningful deep talks, early morning yoga, bedhead, slippers, late night revelry, time in nature, Holy Spirit and Emmaus-Road moments, deep spiritual shifts and new durable friendships. Our theme for the weekend will be Richard Rohr's excellent book, Falling Upward: spirituality for the two halves of life.

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Annual Meeting Sunday

Posted by jeff on 25 January 2015

Hi Beloved!
The Living the Questions sermon series continues this Sunday.

Student Minister Megan Snell will be tackling the question:

"If I fully believe in God, why is it so hard to devote time each day to my faith (prayer, study, whatever)?"

Masha will be our liturgist and it will be our last Sunday under Hugh's musical tutelage.

Immediately after church, in the sanctuary, you are all encouraged to stay for the annual meeting. We'll be talking about how we wrapped up financially in 2014, what we'll be doing with our pledges or other offerings in 2015, who will be serving on committees this year, passing our updated 5 Year Vision Statement, and updating some language in our bylaws. Come, learn, speak, vote!



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MLK and All Ages

Posted by molly on 18 January 2015

Hi Beloved!
This Sunday is All Ages Sunday. It is a Sunday to have all of our pieces and parts—old and young, queer and straight, every color, together in one place, one beautiful Body, deeply integrated. Our sermon series on Living the Questions continues. We’ll hear our kids ask some of the many, many Big God Questions they have been brainstorming inSunday school, and your ministers, Jeff, Megan and myself, will attempt to answer 6 of them, spontaneously chosen.
We are in the season of Epiphany, the manifestation of God in our lives and the season of moving into the Light, into illumination: pray for the Spirit to illuminate your ministers’ minds and give us worthy responses to big questions!
Rafael B is our (youth!) liturgist. Pray for him too! (and his mother!). Choir sings!
This Sunday is also our opportunity to honor the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. At First Church we don’t just worship around issues of race and racism once a year—these are now deeply a part of the fabric of our lives, and our spiritual practice. But in special celebration, this weekend we will sing three moving hymns from the African-American and civil rights traditions—songs you are also invited to come and sing in community on Monday, as part of the Interfaith Choir at the Somerville MLK Day Celebration.
It is Hugh’s penultimate Sunday with us! We will honor him after church with a special coffee hour celebration. Come raise a cup to him and give thanks for his 4 years of skilled and loving service to First Church Somerville.
After coffee hour: Big Meeting Brunch. Curious about the work and play of the church, how all the magic happens? Attend one of the meetings, and grow down into the roots of our community.
Blessings and peace!

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Big God Questions

Posted by molly on 2 January 2015


Happy New Year! I hope the new year is bringing you exactly the right amount of looking back and looking forward: enough to make you grateful for what has been, and hopeful for what might be. I also pray that God is giving you a big hefty dose of being right here right now! 

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