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Welcome Home!

Posted by Jeff on 29 August 2014


I've been thinking a lot about home lately. Probably because after months of searching and preparation, Bonnie and I are moving into our new home together this Labor Day weekend!

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Art Sunday

Posted by molly on 23 August 2014

Every year as summer comes to a close we celebrate Art Sunday--to fulfill our bodyspirit's need to create beauty, just because, just because God did and we're made in God's image. 

This Sunday is Art Sunday. We'll be talking about Art Catechism--how art can help us answer, often without words or even clear 'ideas,' some of our biggest God questions. From Lisa Cordner, who is one of our artists-in-residence and helping to create this service, come questions like, 

Why does God make every person an artist?  How has God gifted each of us to be a creator?
What do you create?  A garden, a lasagna, paintings, noises, children, homes, motion?
What makes art art?
What is beauty?  How do we recognize it?  Why is it not universal?

Can you answer some of these questions? Do they make you want to ask questions of your own--or just pick up a pencil and start sketching? Come this Sunday, and make the magic happen.

Dan and Andrew L. are our able liturgists. It is an ALL AGES Sunday so kids (and kid noises) are welcomed--and after a message/art show and tell from Rev. Jeff (via Molly, since Jeff is away) and Lisa C, everyone will have a chance to create art! We'll also have great singing from Melissa S., Elizabeth K. and Justine J., and I will pray with us.

And later that afternoon: Walden Pond baptism and picnicking Awesomeness! Meet us at Walden Pond at 5:30pm, to get baptized into the faith and family of Jesus Christ, or to renew your baptism promises.

bless you, and may you be a blessing,

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Hymns & Baptisms!

Posted by Jeff on 14 August 2014


Instead of a stuffy sermon, this Sunday we're having a good old-fashioned hymn sign at church. We'll skip the preaching and sing three good ones in the spirit of Beloved Community Sunday - third Sundays when we intentionally engage issues of race in worship.

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Back from Sabbatical!

Posted by molly on 7 August 2014

Well hello there Beloved!

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Posted by on 1 August 2014

Hello Beloved!

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