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The 95% Rule

Posted by Molly on 26 September 2013


I don’t know about you, but September has an arc to it. It took me a long time to see the pattern, but it goes something like this: 

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Reno Begins!

Posted by on 24 September 2013


Hey Beloved!

We have nestled into our new worship space downstairs in Duhamel Hall--it is already feeling like home. And things are happening upstairs! The rose window was removed this week, to reappear above the chancel in a lightbox built especially for maximal Ahhhh impact in worship. 

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Regathering Sunday

Posted by Molly on 12 September 2013


Dearly Beloved,

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Twice As Nice: New Worship Times

Posted by Jeff on 6 September 2013

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You wanted more church and you're going to get it!  This Sunday we'll be having TWICE THE CHURCH of all previous Sundays!  Services will be at 9 AM for the early birds and 11 AM for the night owls.  Both services will be happening in Duhamel Hall while we prepare the sanctuary and roof for renovations.  Coffee Hour in the middle at 10 AM.  Nursery at 9 AM and 11 AM.  Church School at 9 AM only.

We'll also be Blessing the Backpacks at the 9 AM service so have your back-to-schoolers bring their packs with them and we'll make sure that they're blessed for a new year of learning and hauling books!

As most of you know, I just got back from 3 weeks vacation.  I spent some of that time in the Southwest driving from LA to Flagstaff and back again.  I'd never really been to the desert before and the strange landscapes I moved through were sort of mind bending.  My favorite spot was Joshua Tree National Park where huge masses of rocks have been pressed up out of the dry ground surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of Joshua trees, 7 or 8 feet tall, growing a few paces apart from one another like a weird hybrid between a palm and a cactus.  It was like being on another world.

It was frightening, hot, rocky, cactus spiky, blindingly bright, and really pretty uninviting.  Yet when I arrived, I was immediately off into the desert.  I felt like a kid on a giant adult playground, running between the trees over the flat desert ground and bounding high up the incredible piles of boulders.  After a few hours of running and climbing, perched up on the top of rock outcropping I had no idea how I got up and no idea how I would get back down, rubbing my red hands together because they had been chapped and cut from climbing up the rocks, and keeping one eye on the sunset while the other tried to calculate the path I thought would lead back to the camp I left behind, I wondered - why am I up here?  Why did I run off into the desert?  To climb dangerous rocks, get lost in the desert, and dehydrate?  I knew when I ran into the mysterious landscape it was a risky, dangerous place.  And yet there I was and there I was happy to be - even as I nervously tried to figure which way lead back to camp.  Why?  I'm not really an irresponsible thrill seeker, I promise.  But there was something about that land that called me out into it DESPITE the risk.  There was something out there that my spirit needed (and found).

Sometimes, following the call of the Gospel can be a similar experience.  SOMETIMES the teachings aren't warm and fuzzy - they're rough and hard.  SOMETIMES following the Christian spiritual path can be risky.  And yet we feel something calling us out and calling us up!  Why do we go?  And what can we find out there?

Pastor Jeff is preaching (TWICE!), Rev. Molly will be confessing as our liturgist (TWICE!), we'll be blessing the backpacks (at the 9 AM service), and India P. will be performing for us!



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