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First Church Somerville UCC

Ascension Sunday

Posted by Molly Baskette on 11 May 2013

Ascension Sunday


So many things are ending, and so many other things are beginning! I think in the Boston area, anyhow, May and not April is the cruelest month. It is hard to keep up with our feelings as we whirl through final exams and purchase-and-sales agreements, moving boxes and going-away potlucks.

But we owe it to ourselves, and the people we love, to keep up with our feelings. If we don’t have our feelings, they will have us, and probably some other people within striking distance, right?

Today is Ascension Day, the fortieth day after Easter, when Jesus finally and forever got liftoff: he disappeared right up into heaven before the disciples’ eyes. How does Jesus get light enough to do this? Scripture says it happened as he raised his hands to bless them. Maybe there were some aerodynamics there in his blessing hands that we can emulate.

I read a great article a few weeks ago about how to help others, and how to help ourselves, when times get tough. You can read it here ( for a little sneak preview of what I’ll be preaching about.

The article got me thinking a lot about how we minister to others, and how we can be our most mature, Christ-like selves—to be heavy when it’s time to be heavy, and light when it’s time to be light.

This Sunday: I’m preaching, Michael M is our able liturgist, Jeff prays with us, and we all baptize and bless Sasha W on Tracy and Seth’s last Sunday with us ahead of their big move to Charlottesville, VA!

After church, a short and sweet congregational meeting to vote on the loan for our upcoming mega-awesome church renovation! And a chance to go shopping for useful items downstairs at the All-Church Swap.

Bless you, and may you achieve liftoff this week—even a couple inches above the ground,


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