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Advent and Christmas Services

Posted by molly on 9 December 2015


Advent and Christmas at First Church Somerville 2015


Were you raised in church, and kind of miss the rituals and mood-making that happens this time of year? Were you not raised in church, and wonder what all the fuss is about? We invite you to join our progressive, warm and open community for Advent and Christmas festivities this year, as we draw closer to God in this season of hushing by subtracting noise and distraction from our lives.

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Advent begins!

Posted by molly on 29 November 2015

IT BEGINS. The frantic, noisy pell-mell race to Christmas.

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Thanksgiving Sunday

Posted by molly on 19 November 2015

Hi Beloved!


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Re-Formation Sunday

Posted by molly on 12 November 2015

Hi Beloved!


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Cheerful Giving

Posted by molly on 29 October 2015

Hi Beloved!

I watch a lot of TED talks. It’s the perfect kind of learning for a busy working mom: at home, in yoga pants, with a practical takeaway I can directly apply to my life.

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Somerville Homeless Coalition Sunday

Posted by molly on 22 October 2015

Hi Beloved!

Hoo-ee! What a Sunday that was at church last week: all the highs, a pretty surprising low, and everything in between. So fitting that Ain’t No Mountain High Enough/Ain’t No Valley Low Enough would become our impromptu anthem, given the emotional rollercoaster we went on together.

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Drag Gospel Festival!

Posted by molly on 15 October 2015

Drag Gospel is nearly upon us, Beloved!

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Honk! and Justice

Posted by molly on 8 October 2015

Hi Beloved! 

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Builds Character

Posted by on 1 October 2015

Hi Beloved,

This Sunday in church we'll be talking about building character - not by suffering, but just by letting go.


Rev. Jeff will preach & pray, Mark L. will be our liturgist, we will all sing!

See you Sunday!


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Val's Storytelling!

Posted by molly on 27 September 2015

hi Beloved!
At First Church we understand that fall is such a busy time in so many of our lives, and that’s why we get our engines spinning up a little more slowly--to respect the rhythms of life and the limits on the body. We want church to be a peaceful, joyful complement to life that can pull us in a million directions.
...and sometimes there is just one of those weekends when it feels like everything is happening at once! And they are all such GOOD somethings.
Sunday is All Ages Sunday, and the energetically wonderful Val Tutson will be back with us telling stories as our preacher. She’ll hang out after church with the kids in the Chapel to tell more stories, so you can sip coffee and meet newbies OR go to the #BlackLivesMatter training to learn how to talk to our neighbors about race! (see below).
After church some of us will set up for our dear sister Megan Snell’s Ordination Service which begins at 1:30 in our sanctuary! We’re so honored and blessed that Megan is crossing this threshold in our beloved community! Our own Rev. Jeff will be delivering the sermon, and I will offer the charge to the candidate.
The ordination will be followed by our Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Block Party from 3:30-5:30, including everybody’s favorite activity, How Many Robed Clergy Can Fit in the Bouncy House.
Invite your neighbors and friends, sign up to take a shift on the grill, bring a side dish, or keep the clergy and/or 3-year-olds from falling out of the bouncy house.
So glad to be Church for others, with you,

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